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With over 19 years experience, we have positioned ourselves as one of the Top Ten Reverse Mortgage Lenders in the Country!

Reverse Power is a wholesale program, designed by Nationwide Equities, specifically for licensed mortgage brokers and bankers that want to participate in the reverse mortgage business. Nationwide Equities has developed Reverse Power to meet the needs of medium to small brokers that were being overlooked by the major wholesale lenders.

Brokers that become a Reverse Power Partners, have the entire support team dedicated to giving the highest service level in the industry. We work together and assure the highest commitment to getting deals closed. Our partners receive tiered pricing to ensure maximum compensation, along with the fastest turn times in the industry! Let Reverse Power be the engine to power your reverse mortgage future!Get Started

Why Reverse Power?

  • Top Ten reverse mortgage lender nationwide!
  • Fastest turn times in the industry!
  • Aggressive Tiered Pricing Model
  • Live Help Desk to assist you and your clients
  • Common sense underwriting to HUD Guidelines
  • Direct access to everyone working on your loan
  • Personalized service and dedicated support team
  • Innovative marketing materials
  • State-of-the-art LOS to streamline the loan process
  • Licensed mortgage banker in 39 states

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