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Our Reverse Power Partner Program is dedicated to helping our partners from application to closing

Reverse Power is a program designed specifically for licensed mortgage brokers and bankers that want to participate in the reverse mortgage business. Nationwide Equities, a licensed mortgage banker since 1999, has developed Reverse Power to meet the needs of medium to small brokers that were being overlooked by the major wholesale lenders. The entire support team is dedicated to giving the highest service level in the industry and a commitment to getting deals closed. As a partner in the Reverse Power Program you will have access to ReverseVision, a state-of-the-art software LOS that gets you through application to closing seamlessly. We will help train your staff on-line or on-site, provide marketing support, and a live Help Desk to answer any questions you may have. Either way, Reverse Power is your engine to power your Reverse mortgage future.
Nationwide Equities Corporation began in 1999, as a 2-man mortgage broker operation in Copiague, NY focused on serving the Long Island community. Armed with a vision to provide its customers with a comprehensive array of products and services, expansion was inevitable. Nationwide built a business model unparalleled in the mortgage industry, developing individualized financial solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every client. Since 2004, the Company has been expanding and is positioned to become one of the most recognized and respected leaders in the mortgage industry. Now, licensed across the country, Nationwide Equities boasts a wholesale program that includes an ever-expanding network of mortgage brokers and bankers.  These clients are taking advantage of the Reverse Power Partner Program that truly converges the best in product, price and service. To view the NWE Website, please visit www.NWECorp.com

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